Apple iPhone 7 available at exchange discount of Rs 20,000 on Flipkart!!

Apple iphone 7

        Superb deal on Flipkart!

Grab the latest iPhone 7 at Rs 40,000 (post Rs 20,000 exchange discount), courtesy Flipkart’s ‘Apple Fest’.

Under the deals available, users can get iPhone 7 (32GB) and iPhone 7 Plus (128GB) at a flat discount of Rs 5,000, plus an exchange discount of up to Rs 20,000.

This means iPhone 7 (32GB), priced at Rs 60,000 (post Rs 5,000 discount), can now be purchased for up to Rs 20,000 less, same for iPhone 7 Plus priced at Rs 72,000.

Incidentally, while the exchange discount is available on all variants, the flat discount of Rs 5,000 is not on all models. Wondering which is the model (or models) eligible for the Rs 20,000 exchange discount? You can avail the full Rs 20,000 discount on the bigger-screen variant of the company’s previous-generation iPhone, iPhone 6S Plus. A discount of around Rs 15,000 is avilable on the smartphone’s small-screen variant, iPhone 6S. As for non-Apple smartphones, some of the popular smartphones such as the Moto Z and OnePlus 3 will get you discounts of Rs 15,030 and Rs 9,000 respectively. Discount on most of the flagship smartphones hovers around Rs 15,000.The Rs 20,000 exchange discount offer is also valid on iPhone 6S Plus. The offer is only available on the 32GB storage model, which is priced at Rs 44,999.

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