BHIM APP-Features,Download,Everthing about bhim app(How To Use)

BHIM APP-  Bhim full form is bahart interface for money.Bhim app was introduced by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi to enable secure,reliable and fast cashless  payment through smart phones.Bheem app is interoperable with other unified payment Interface applications(UPI),and bank accounts for quick money transfers.Bhim is developed by the National payment corporation of india(NPCI).BHIM is made in india and dedicated to the service of the nation.



If you are wondering what is upi?then UPI is a payment system that allows money transfer between any two bank accounts by using a smartphone.UPI allows a customer to pay directly from a bank account to different merchants,both online and offline,without the hassle of typing credit card details,IFSC code,or net banking passwords.UPI allows you to make payments using your mobile phone as the primary device for transactions, through the creation of a ‘virtual payment address’, which is an alias for your bank account.On the BHIM app, it would be <mobile number@upi> or <preferred user id@upi>. This user id would be your primary address, which can be used to send or request money through other ids linked to it


  • By using BHIM App you can transfer money to any account
  • You dont need to register the payee beforehand
  • One of the special feature of bhim app is that it transfers money immediately
  • You dont have to know the bank account of the payee to transfer the payment
  • Through Bhim app you can transfer money to another person only by using is his phone number,No bank account information is required
  • One of the amazing feature of the app is that this app can also run on feature phone that does not have internet.You can use this app on feature phone just by dialing *99#
  • Bhim app supports the QR code feature that is you can easily downlaod the Qr code and share it.You can get paid using your QR code


First of all,register your bank account with bhim,and set a UPI PIN for the bank account.Your mobile number is your Payment adress,and you can simply start transacting.

You can send or recieve money.You can make cashless payments or recieve money from friends,family and customers through a mobile number or payment adress.Your money can also be sent to an unregistered user using mobile number,Account number+IFSC and Aadhar Number.You can also collect money by sending a request and reverse paymesnts instantly if required

CHECK BALANCE : Users can check bank balance and transaction details on the go

CUSTOM PAYMENT ADRESS:You can create a custom digital payment adress in addition to your phone number.

BLOCK/SPAM:You can block/spam users who are sending you collect requests from illcit sources.

TRANSACTION LIMITS :The maximum transaction limit per transaction is of Rs.10,000 and the maximum transaction limit per day is Rs.20,000

LANGUAGE SUPPORTED :Bhim app now supports 9 languages which are English,Hindi,Malayalam,Tamil,Telugu,Kannada,Bengali,Gujarati and Odia

NOTE:This app is compatible with android devices that have android version 4.2 and above installed.


You can downlaod the bhim app from google play



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